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1. Initial Estimate and Consultation

  • At the beginning of our collaboration, we will schedule an initial consultation to understand your requirements and assess if we are a good fit for your project.

  • During this meeting, we will provide you with a general price estimate based on the scope of work discussed. This estimate will give you an idea of the overall cost involved.

2. Project Confirmation and Estimate Revision

  • If you decide to proceed with our services after the initial consultation, we will move to the next phase.

  • We will set up a second meeting where we will discuss your project in more detail. This includes specific design preferences, measurements, and any unique requirements.

  • Based on this information, we will create a detailed rendering and design plan for your space.

  • During this phase, we will also provide you with a more accurate estimate of the project cost, taking into consideration the design and materials chosen.

3. Materials Selection

  • After reviewing the design and estimate, you will have the opportunity to select the cabinets and countertop material and colors that best match your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your space.

  • Our team will guide you through the options available, providing information on the durability, maintenance, and cost of different materials.

  • Once you've made your selections, we will finalize the design plan to incorporate your chosen materials.

4. Finalization and Contract Signing

  • With the design, material choices, and project scope clearly defined, we will prepare a detailed contract for your review.

  • The contract will outline the project timeline, payment schedule, and all terms and conditions.

  • Upon your approval of the contract and the initial payment, we will initiate the project.

5. Production and Installation

  • Our team will begin the production of your custom countertop according to the approved design.

  • Installation will be scheduled at a convenient time for you, and our experienced technicians will ensure a precise and professional installation.

6. Quality Assurance and Final Inspection

  • Before concluding the project, we will conduct a thorough quality assurance inspection to ensure that the countertop meets our high standards and your expectations.

  • Any necessary adjustments or touch-ups will be made to achieve a flawless finish.

7. Project Completion and Handover

  • Once the installation and quality checks are complete, we will hand over the project to you.

  • You will receive all necessary documentation, including warranties and care instructions for your new cabinet and countertop.

8. Post-Installation Support

  • We are committed to your satisfaction even after the project is completed. Should you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team is available to assist you.

This comprehensive process ensures that your custom countertop project is executed smoothly, from the initial estimate to the final handover, resulting in a beautiful and functional addition to your space.

Marble Surface

Our Services


Design Service

With a blend of creativity and innovation, we offer free 3D rendering that allows you to visualize your project before it even begins. Our free in-home consultations take it a step further, as our experts personally engage with your space, understanding its unique character and your individual style.


New Custom Cabinets & Countertop

Discover the essence of kitchen transformation through our array of new cabinets and countertops. Explore a curated selection that merges functionality with style, tailored to your unique preferences. Our comprehensive service ensures a seamless process from selection to installation, guided by experts who prioritize your vision.


Refinishing & Refacing

Experience the magic of transformation without the hassle of replacing your cabinets. Our refinishing and refacing services offer a rejuvenated look for your cabinets, breathing new life into your kitchen or space. Preserve the existing layout while enjoying a brand new aesthetic, as our skilled artisans work their magic.

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